Construction and building upgrades

Besides bonuses, constructing and upgrading buildings brings you Influence points, as well as Hero's and Shaman's experience. Each building has its own unique functions and upgrading a building's level provides some additional capabilities. Buildings can be constructed and upgraded for resources, as well as for Gold.

All buildings in the Town can be upgraded up to level 40. The level is indicated on the special marker above each building:

  • A red marker with a number shows that the building can be upgraded.
  • A blue marker with a number shows that the building is currently at its maximum level. To increase it, you need to construct or upgrade other buildings.

Only one building process at a time can be started in the Town, but if you have the special Second Craftsman item, you can construct or upgrade two buildings simultaneously (this item is purchased as part of Bank offers). Any building can be constructed instantly for Gold.

In order to upgrade some buildings, you need to have learned or upgraded certain pieces of Knowledge in the Oracle or built or upgraded other buildings. You can view the conditions in the block that shows the requirements for upgrading a building.

You need Bronze to upgrade buildings from level 27 up to 31. You can get it by completing Personal Tasks or purchase it in the Clan Store and as part of Bank offers.

Attacks on Uber Invaders also give you a chance to get Bronze. The chance of getting it depends on the Skills you have upgraded and the Knowledge you have learned, and equipment and boosts which increase the Hero's military stats when fighting Invaders.

You need Gold Nuggets in order to upgrade buildings from level 32 up to level 35. You can get them by passing checkpoints in Competitions or find them as part of Bank offers. To upgrade buildings from level 36 up to level 40, you will also need Soul Shards. Read more about them in the "Special items" subsection.

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