Preset administrative buildings

These buildings are set in the Town by default and are responsible for the game's main functions. There can be only one of each kind and thus they cannot be demolished (the Infirmary is an exception: there can be several Infirmaries in the Town and they can be demolished under certain conditions).

The Palace is the main building in the Town and the Jarl's dwelling. Here, all your Town stats and your profile info are displayed. Upgrading the Palace unlocks the ability to construct and upgrade other buildings. The Town level is equal to the Palace level. Also, you'll receive a special reward for reaching a new Palace level — a Jarl's Coffer, which contains various items.

The Oracle is where you learn Knowledge that substantially increases the economic stats of your Town and the military stats of your troops, Hero, and Shaman. Upgrading the Oracle unlocks new Knowledge and speeds up the learning process. From building level 36, you will also be able to learn the unique Bloodlust Knowledge. Read more about it in the Bloodlust subsection.

The Shrine of Odin allows you to increase the number of marches that can be sent at a time, as well as the maximum number of warriors on each of them. You can also dismiss troops in this building. To do so, go to the "In the Town" tab and select the warriors you would like to get rid of.

The Hero's Abode contains all necessary information on the Hero, including the Hero's statistics and the equipment available, and also allows you to create Sets. Upgrading this building increases the bonus to experience your Hero earns. From level 36, the Hero's Abode gives a bonus to the defense of your troops during an attack. When the Hero's Abode reaches levels 21, 26, and 31–40, your Hero receives additional Skill points.

The Watchtower alerts you to attacks on your Town and enables the use of the Navigator's search feature. Upgrading the Watchtower will increase the search radius on the Global Map and will allow you to receive more detailed information about the attacker's forces. Also, from level 21, the Watchtower increases the troop defensive stat when guarding the Town.

The Wall provides an extra defense for your Town. Upgrading the Wall increases your defensive capability and your chances of successfully fending off attacks by other Jarls.

The Vault protects a certain amount of resources in your Town from being plundered. The higher the building level, the more resources will be saved during other Jarls' attacks. Up to Vault level 21, only four resources are saved: Food, Lumber, Stone, Iron. After level 21, you can save Silver as well.

In a clanmate's or an ally's Town where the Palace is below level 6, the Vault has a limit on accepted resources that equals its current capacity. Unaccepted resources are returned to the sender, along with part of the rate (fee) that was paid.

In the Infirmary, you can heal warriors wounded during your Town defense, and resurrect those who were killed outside the Town. Upgrading the Infirmary increases its capacity for warriors that need healing. You can build several Infirmaries — their bonuses are added together. If there is only one Infirmary left in the Town or the Infirmary has an active healing process, it cannot be demolished.

Healing works as follows: after your Town is attacked, all wounded warriors go to the Infirmary. If there are more warriors than the building can hold, 70% of those who don't fit are sent for resurrection, and 30% leave for Valhalla forever.

Your Infirmaries' capacity can be increased using the Infirmary Expander item and the Infirmary Capacity bonus, which appears at VIP status level 41. From this level, VIP status also increases the healing speed of tier VIII warriors.

The highest tier warriors are the first to go to the Infirmary. In the Healing tab, your troops can remain for an unlimited time. You can delete warriors from the Infirmary to free up some space for other more valuable warriors. The healing process can be started for resources or for Gold.

Also, 70% of warriors who fall in battles outside your Town (fighting in other Towns, resource locations, or Fortresses) go to the Resurrection tab. You can resurrect them instantly for Gold for a week.

There is no restriction on Infirmary capacity for resurrections. Using the Will to Live items, you can send some warriors killed outside the Town for healing.
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