Slots for building

There are free slots on the Town map. Select them to open the Construction menu, where you can choose a building to construct.

There are two types of slots. Depending on the slot type, the Construction menu displays two different lists of buildings:

  • Administrative
  • Resource

Administrative buildings

The Barracks allows you to train new warriors and provide information about troops you currently have. The higher the Barracks level, the more warriors you can train simultaneously. You can build several Barracks — their bonuses are added together. If there is only one Barracks left in the Town or the Barracks has an active training process, it cannot be demolished.

The War Bloc allows you to form Onslaughts — joint attacks by members of one Clan — and participate in them. Upgrading the building increases the maximum number of warriors in an Onslaught. The War Bloc cannot be demolished once it is built.

This is the only building that doesn't affect other buildings' upgrades. To build and upgrade the War Bloc, you need the special Warrior's Draft item.

The Mead Hall allows your clanmates to send you reinforcements. Upgrading this building increases the maximum number of warriors your Town can host as reinforcements. The Mead Hall cannot be demolished once it is built.

The Market allows you to send resources to your clanmates and contributions to the Clan Stronghold. Upgrading the Market increases the capacity and speed of your convoys, and also lowers the rate for exchanging resources. To build the Market, your Palace needs to be at least level 5. The Market cannot be demolished once it is built.

Please note: the Town of a Clan member whose Palace is below level 6 cannot accept resources that exceed its Vault capacity. Unaccepted resources will be returned to the sender along with part of the rate, which is calculated based on the resources actually sent and returned.

For example, you've sent 10,000 Lumber paying 10% Market rate equal to 1,000 Lumber. This way:

  • You've sent 9,000 Lumber (10,000–1,000).
  • 7,000 Lumber was accepted by the clanmate's Town (the capacity of the Vault of the recipient Jarl).
  • The rate for this amount of resources is 778 Lumber. You need to spend 7,778 Lumber given the 10% Market rate for the 7,000 Lumber to go to the clanmate in a convoy.
  • The remainder of 2,000 Lumber (9,000–7,000) will be sent back to your Town with part of the rate (222 Lumber).
  • 222 Lumber is the difference between the rate you initially paid (1,000) and the rate for resources accepted by the clanmate (778).
  • In total, 2,222 Lumber will be returned.

In the Forge, you can craft equipment for your Hero and Shamans, upgrade some pieces of equipment, and combine materials to improve their quality. Equipment provides bonuses to important military and economic stats. Upgrading the Forge increases the speed at which equipment is crafted.

The Workshop is for inlaying Hero's or Shamans' equipment with gems and runes that give extra bonuses. Here you can also fuse gems or transform them into Precious Dust. Upgrading this building allows you to get gems of a higher class and reduces their fusing time.

The Rune Workshop allows you to create runes from fragments obtained by Shamans, fuse them, and increase the class of runes. By inlaying runes into Hero's or Shamans' equipment, you'll get substantial bonuses. Upgrading this building reduces the rune fusing time. To build the Rune Workshop, your Palace needs to be at least level 12.

The Hall of Mysteries contains all the information on Shamans, their Skills, abilities, and bonuses, as well as available equipment. Upgrading this building increases the amount of experience the currently activated Shaman earns. To build the Hall of Mysteries, your Palace needs to be at least level 12.

In the Valkyries' Citadel, you can improve the stats of all troop types: melee, ranged, cavalry, killers, siege, and scouts. Upgrading this building allows you to improve warriors of higher tiers. To build the Valkyries' Citadel, your Palace needs to be at least level 12.

The Sanctuary of the Aesir allows you to summon and enhance Aesir. Their patronage and blessing affect warrior stats and Town development. Upgrade this building to get access to new Aesir and their power levels. To build the Sanctuary of the Aesir, your Palace needs to be at least level 18.

The Manor provides your Town with Silver. Upgrading this building increases the production of this resource and its maximum storage capacity, as well as speeds up the warrior training process. You can build several Manors — bonuses from all buildings are added together.

Although the Manor produces a resource, it counts as an administrative building since it fulfills the corresponding functions and is located in the administrative part of the Town.

Resource buildings

The Farm, Lumber Mill, Stone Quarry, and Mine are buildings where basic resources are produced: Food, Lumber, Stone, and Iron, respectively.

The number and level of these buildings determine the maximum resource storage capacity of the Town. Level 32–35 resource buildings affect not only economic stats (production and resource storage capacity) but military stats as well. The Farm gives bonuses to Infirmaries' capacity, the Stone Quarry gives bonuses to troop defense, the Mine gives bonuses to troop health and the Lumber Mill gives bonuses to troop offense. There can be more than one resource building in the Town.

Pay attention to the capacity of resource buildings. When the maximum capacity is reached, production of the corresponding resource stops. To increase the building's capacity, you need to upgrade it.

You can view info on the capacity of buildings in your Town in the Statistics tab of the Palace, in the Resources section.

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