Holmgang. Town relocation

The Holmgang epic Competition takes place on the Islands of Trials. You can relocate your Town to these lands by using the Journey to Holmgang item. To return to your home Kingdom, use the Return from Holmgang item. You can do this at any moment while the Competition is active.

You can purchase the Journey to Holmgang and Return from Holmgang items in the Item Store (in the Bonuses section) and in the Clan Store. Jarls can also receive both items for free in the epic Competition block in the Events window.

You can only use the Journey to Holmgang item if the following requirements have been met:

  • You are the member of a Clan that is participating in Holmgang
  • You joined the Clan at least 30 minutes before the Competition was announced
  • Your account was created more than 30 days ago
  • Your Palace is level 21 or higher
  • You don't have any active marches or troops in garrisons
  • The Competition is active and more than 5 minutes are left until it ends

If you have an active Peace Treaty, Town Skin, or a Repute that was assigned by the Konung when you relocate to the Islands of Trials, they'll remain active there. Remember, however, that you can't be in the Dark Swamps if a Peace Treaty is active in your Town. You can read more about this location in the "Holmgang. The Islands of Trials" subsection.

After you've relocated to the Islands of Trials, a Town's Echo — a special object that will stop other Jarls from occupying your land — will appear in place of your Town in your home Kingdom. Your Town will return to the Echo's place when Holmgang ends or when you use the Return from Holmgang item.

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