Invaders' features

Invaders are distributed on the Global Map as follows: the weakest ones are located along the edges, the strongest ones are located in the center, near the Place of Power.

An Invader's health is determined by its level. Level 1 Invaders are the most vulnerable, level 6 Invaders are the least vulnerable. This means that the lower an Invader's level is, the easier it is to destroy it.

Every Invader appears in the Kingdom for a certain amount of time, let's say, for a week. After it is destroyed, a special Invader's Lair resource location is left behind. You can capture it, recapture it from an enemy, or repel enemy attacks on it. After a location is exhausted, it will vanish. A new Invader will replace it, but not on the same spot. It will be the same Invader as the first one if the initial period (in this case, a week) has not elapsed yet.

To attack an Invader of a certain level, you need to learn the corresponding "Unlock Invaders" Knowledge. Please note: the "Unlock Invaders I" Knowledge also allows you to attack Uber Invaders and their Chiefs.

Only Heroes can fight Invaders. To do so, they need sufficient energy. The stronger the Invader, the more energy is required in order to attack it. The base amount of Hero's energy is 1,000 units, and the maximum possible amount is 5,000,000 units.

To increase your Hero's energy, use the Hero's Energy item. You can purchase it in the Item Store for Gold or as part of Bank offers. You may also receive this item as a reward. Open the Chest of Loki and capture resource locations more often: when your troops exhaust a location, you can get Hero's Energy as a trophy.

Please note that the Hero's Energy item has a temporary effect.

Let's say you increase your Hero's energy from 1,000 to 100,000 units before starting an attack. The Hero destroys some Invaders and uses up all the available energy. Over time, the Hero's energy will return to its initial value — 1,000 units.

You can increase the energy amount and its restoration speed using Knowledge, Hero's Skills, Town Skins, boosts, equipment, gems, and bonuses in the Events window.

The number of all the Hero's Energy items you have is displayed in the My Items tab, Military section.

There are two types of attack on Invaders: normal and enhanced. During a normal attack, the Hero hits an Invader once and receives one trophy for doing so. During an enhanced attack, the Hero deals several hits depending on the amount of energy and receives several trophies correspondingly. One hit uses 200 units of energy. With a base amount of 1,000 units of energy, the Hero can perform five hits and receive the same number of trophies.

Several consecutive normal attacks carried out over the course of one hour are combined into a Sustained Attack.

Each consecutive normal attack gives a bonus to the next one, namely 15% to offense. After the first attack, offense increases by 15%; after the second one — by 30%; after the third one — by 45%, and so on. The maximum bonus to offense is 600%. You can reach it by performing 40 consecutive attacks if you have fully upgraded the "Hero's Sustained Attack" Skill and pieces of Knowledge. Once your Hero has performed the maximum number of consecutive attacks, the bonus stops increasing.

Sustained Attack is attached to one Invader at a time. For example, if there have already been four attacks on a level 6 Man-Eater within an hour, and the bonus is at 60%, attacking another Invader will reset the counter to zero, and the Sustained Attack will start over.

Hero and Hero's Double can attack the same Invader in turn, but if you attack different opponents, the bonus to offense will not increase.

During a normal attack or an enhanced attack, an increased offense multiplier can be randomly activated (producing a critical hit). As a result, the Hero will spend the same amount of energy but deal a more powerful hit to the opponent.

There are four ways to increase the Hero's offense:

  • Upgrading the Hero's attack stats
  • Increasing the critical hit chance
  • Performing more consecutive attacks
  • Reducing the Invader's defense

You can affect these by using Knowledge, Hero's Skills, equipment, and boosts.

By attacking Invaders, you can obtain resources, gems, or materials, which you can use to craft special equipment. You also have a chance to get one of the Invader's materials when yielding resources in its Lair. Every Invader has its own materials. To know more about them, open the detailed information about an Invader by selecting it on the Global Map.

You can also get parts for the Barbarian's and Centurion's equipment from Coffers of Materials in the Clan Store or by yielding resources in Gifts of the Gods locations.

Sets of Invaders' equipment give various bonuses that improve the stats of your troops, Town, and Hero. You can read more about this in the Equipment section.

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