Uber Invaders' features

Uber Invaders and their Chiefs are located around the Place of Power in the Millennial Forest. To attack them, you need to learn the "Unlock Invaders I" Knowledge. As a reward, you can receive various Invaders' materials, useful items, and gems.

Attacking Uber Invaders is similar to attacking Invaders. The differences are as follows:

  • Uber Invaders have more health than level 6 Invaders
  • They don't have a defense indicator or a level sign, but they have a special symbol
  • Any Jarl who has learned the "Unlock Invaders I" Knowledge can attack an Uber Invader. Your Hero can hit an Uber Invader even if the Hero's Skills and Knowledge have not been upgraded, but there is a chance that the enemy will not take any damage
  • One Uber Invader can drop the materials of four different Invaders. (Every Invader has its own set of five materials. Thus, every Uber Invader has a total of 20 different materials belonging to various Invaders.)
  • Standard materials don't drop from Uber Invaders
  • Apart from usual gems, you can get unique gems that do not appear elsewhere in the game when you attack these opponents
  • Attacking Uber Invaders brings more points during Competitions than attacking usual Invaders

Uber Invader Chiefs have more health than Uber Invaders. Apart from that, they are the same.

After you destroy an Uber Invader or Uber Invader Chief, an Uber Invader's Lair with a special symbol over it appears in its place. This location will exist for a set period of time or until it runs out of resources. If the Lair's resources have not been exhausted by the time the next wave of Uber Invaders arrives, the Lair will remain on the Global Map, and there will be one fewer Uber Invader among the new enemies.

Differences between an Uber Invader's Lair and an Invader's Lair:

  • An Uber Invader's Lair contains more resources than an Invader's Lair, but it doesn't contain Gold
Hero's bonuses that affect Invaders also affect Uber Invaders and their Chiefs.
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