Kingdoms Battle: Fury. Town relocation

Jarls relocate to an enemy Kingdom by using the special Great Relocation item. It can be used only by Jarls who are Clan members, and only during a global Competition. If there is less than 5 minutes left until the end of the Competition, then you won't be able to relocate your Town.

The Return item allows you to return from an enemy Kingdom to your home one before the Competition ends.

You can purchase the Great Relocation and Return items in the Bonuses section of the Item Store or in the location information window in an enemy Kingdom.

Jarls who are Clan members can also get both items for free by opening the global Competition block in the Events window.

Jarls can relocate to an enemy Kingdom only from their home Kingdom. For example, if they are already in the foreign land, then they need to return to their home Kingdom before relocating to another enemy Kingdom.

You can find out which Kingdoms will be your opponents in the following ways:

  • Look on the Kingdoms Map (arrows connect your Kingdom to the enemy Kingdoms)
  • Select the Kingdoms Battle: Fury in the Competitions tab of the Events window and look at the information about the participating Kingdoms

To relocate to another Kingdom, you need to go to the Global Map of this Kingdom, select a location, and use the Great Relocation item.

After you've relocated to enemy territory, a Town's Echo — a special object that will stop other Jarls from occupying your land — will appear in place of your Town in your home Kingdom. Your Town will return to the Echo's place after the Kingdoms Battle: Fury ends or when using the Return item.

When in another Kingdom, you can relocate within it by using the Relocation and Random Relocation items. If during relocation to another Kingdom you have an active Peace Treaty, Town Skin, or Repute assigned by the Konung, they'll remain active.

You can also permanently move to another Kingdom by using the Drakkar item. Your Palace needs to be level 21 or higher in order for you to do so. Once you have moved, the new Kingdom becomes your home Kingdom.

If you permanently move to another Kingdom after the Competition is announced in the Events window, you quit the Competition. You also stop earning points for your previous Kingdom and won't earn points in your new one (even for personal achievements), and other Jarls won't earn any points for killing your warriors.

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