Kingdoms Battle: Fury. Competition features

In each of the four Kingdoms in a random order, for three hours, a temporary bonus is activated or Towers of Fury appear. Whether a certain bonus is activated or Towers of Fury appear is selected at random.

The temporary bonus doubles the number of points that are earned by completing a certain task in the Competition:

  • Yielding resources
  • Eliminating warriors from enemy Kingdoms
  • Attacking Invaders and Ghosts

When the bonus is active in a foreign Kingdom, you get twice as many points if you complete the task there. 

If the bonus for yielding resources or attacking Invaders has appeared in your Kingdom, you won't get double points for the corresponding action. If the bonus for eliminating warriors is in effect in your Kingdom, however, then you will get double points for that. 

A temporary bonus cannot be activated twice in a row in one Kingdom. 

To see information about which temporary bonus is currently in effect, go to the Events window, then go to "Competitions" → "Kingdoms Battle: Fury" → "Info." The Kingdom where a temporary bonus is currently active is marked with a special icon.

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