Paladins are troops of foreign opponents on the Global Map. You can attack them using your troops or send your scouts to them. Complete Quests involving destroying Paladin Cohorts to receive rewards, and complete similar tasks in certain Competitions to earn points.

There are 100 levels of Paladin Cohorts. A Cohort's level affects the number, types, and tiers of warriors in it.

The higher a Cohort's level, the more Influence it has, and thus the more difficult it is to defeat.

However, a Paladin Cohort's level doesn't affect where it is located: you might find a level 1 Cohort near the Place of Power, and level 100 Cohorts can appear on the edges of the Map.

Attacking and conducting espionage

You can attack Paladin Cohorts and send your scouts to them in your home Kingdom, as well as in foreign Kingdoms to which you relocate during the Clans Battle, Kingdoms Battle, and Kingdoms Battle: Fury Competitions.

You have to attack Paladin Cohorts in order. First, attack a level 1 Cohort. After defeating it, you'll be able to fight a level 2 Cohort. Once you have vanquished that, a level 3 Cohort will become available, and so on. You can only send scouts to Cohorts that you are able to attack according to their level.

Example: let's say you've defeated Paladin Cohorts of levels 1 and 2. This means you can attack Paladin Cohorts of levels 1, 2, and 3 and send your scouts to them.

If you lose a battle against a Paladin Cohort, the same levels that were available to you before you lost will still be available.

Example: let's say you've defeated Paladin Cohorts of levels 1 and 2, but you lost to a level 3 Cohort. Following the loss, you will still be able to attack Cohorts of levels 1, 2, and 3 and send your scouts to them.

A Paladin Cohort is considered defeated if you destroy all warriors in it with a single attack. Otherwise, the Cohort's headcount is restored after the battle. The headcount of scouts is always restored, even following successful espionage.

After a battle, all your slain warriors go to the Healing tab of your Infirmary. If this tab is full, then they go to the Resurrection tab.

The Peace Shield isn't removed when you attack Paladin Cohorts or conduct espionage on them, nor do these actions bring you Soul Shards.

When you defeat a Paladin Cohort of a new level for the first time, you complete the corresponding Quest and receive a reward.

Searching for Paladin Cohorts

To find a Paladin Cohort, look at the Global Map or use the Watchtower building. 

If the Watchtower can't find a Paladin Cohort, create one yourself by hitting the "Generate location" button. This button has a cooldown. 

To create a Paladin Cohort, you need to: 

  • Be in your home Kingdom
  • Select a Cohort level that you can attack

If you have fulfilled all the requirements, but a Paladin Cohort doesn't get generated, relocate your Town to somewhere else on the Global Map and try again.  

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