Seasons are periods during which you can earn Runic Coins in certain personal Competitions and then spend them in the Seasonal Store.

Each Season has its own name and assortment of unique items, as well as Town and Hero's Skins in the Seasonal Store.

Seasons are announced 72 hours before they begin. Open the Events window to check the current Season's status, the time until it starts or ends, and the time left until the Seasonal Store closes.

Select the Season block in the Events window to open a window showing more details. The Info tab displays general information about a Season, and the Seasonal Store tab contains all you need to know about the items.

To purchase items, as well as unique Town and Hero's Skins, in the Seasonal Store, you will need a special currency — Runic Coins. You can get them in seasonal personal Competitions.

Seasonal personal Competitions

Seasonal personal Competitions are Competitions that have a special banner icon and the "Seasonal personal" caption. By participating in them, you can get Runic Coins in addition to the regular trophies, but only if you are in the League of Conquerors or higher.

You can also earn Runic Coins for personal achievements in global Competitions and Holmgang.

The total number of Runic Coins you have can be viewed in the following places:

  • In the Resources section of the My Items tab in the Items window
  • In the Seasonal Store

You can read more about items in the Seasonal Store in the Seasonal Store subsection.

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