Personal Competitions

Personal Competitions are Competitions in which Jarls participate on their own.

Every Jarl is assigned to one of the following Leagues based on the Palace level:

  • League of Rookies
  • League of Recruits
  • League of Warriors
  • League of Conquerors
  • League of Masters
  • League of Odin
  • League of Asgard

Until you reach Palace level 18, only the starter personal Competitions are available to you. There are three Leagues in them: the League of Rookies, the League of Recruits, and the League of Warriors.

Find out on the forum which League Jarls with your Palace level are assigned to.

The League you are currently in is shown in two tabs in the Competition window: Info and Ranking. To move into a stronger League, you need to upgrade your Palace to a certain level.

League assignment is performed before the Competition is announced and doesn't change until the Competition is over. Moving from one League to another is only possible after the Competition has ended.

After moving to another League, the number of points required to pass checkpoints changes, as well as the rewards for passing these checkpoints and taking top places in the Competition ranking.

To view the list of Competition tasks, go to the Events window and select the required Competition. A certain amount of time is given for completing tasks. You can complete tasks an unlimited number of times before the Competition ends.

You earn points for every completed task. After earning enough points, you pass one of the checkpoints and get a reward.

Jarls who reach the top places in the Competition ranking receive additional rewards.

To find out what reward a Jarl who has taken one of the top places is going to receive, select the Jarl's name in the Ranking tab.

During some Competitions, you lose points as well as earn them. So, for example, demolishing a building in the Town will lead to a decrease in the number of points earned in the Influence Increasing Competition.
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