Shaman stats

Shamans have a number of stats.

  • Shaman level — the numerical value reflecting the Shaman's development that increases when your Shaman gains experience. There are a total of 60 Shaman levels.
  • Shaman Initiation stage. This determines the maximum level a Shaman can reach, the number of Skill points a Shaman receives, and the value of Shaman's bonuses. There are a total of six Initiation stages.

Let's say that your Shaman is at the first Initiation stage. The maximum level for this stage is 10. If you want your Shaman to reach level 11, you will need to upgrade the Shaman to the next Initiation stage. The maximum Shaman level at the second Initiation stage is 20. This means that the Shaman can reach level 60 only at the final, sixth Initiation stage.

Visually, Initiation stages differ by the background color on the Shaman's icon. A Shaman that has just has been summoned has the first Initiation stage.

To increase a Shaman's Initiation stage, you need to collect a certain number of Charms (the same items that are used for summoning Shamans). Then open the information about the Shaman whose Initiation stage you would like to increase, and hit the yellow icon.

When you collect the number of Charms required for one of the Shamans to proceed to the next Initiation stage, the marker — an arrow pointing up — will appear.

It will be displayed:

  • On the Shaman's icon in the upper control panel
  • On the Shaman's icon in the Hall of Mysteries (in the Shamans tab)
  • On the "Shamans" button in any Shaman's window
  • Above the Hall of Mysteries on the Town map

The arrow is displayed as long as you have Shamans whose Initiation stages can be increased.

  • Shaman's experience is required for progressing to the next level. The counter displays the current amount of Shaman's experience and the amount still needed to progress to the next level. The "Maximum" caption appears when you reach Shaman level 60.

To increase the active Shaman's experience, you need to:

  • Complete Tasks and Quests
  • Construct and upgrade buildings
  • Learn Knowledge
  • Attack Ghosts
  • Destroy enemy warriors

If only the Hero is on a march, only the Hero receives experience, and vice versa. If both the Hero and a Shaman are on a march together, both receive the experience.

You can increase a Shaman's experience by using the Book of Mysteries item. To do so, you need to open the information window about a Shaman in the Hall of Mysteries, hit the blue circle in the lower left part of the window, and apply the items. The required number of items will be automatically taken from the My Items tab.

You cannot use Books of Mysteries from the Item Store, since these are used for increasing the experience of a particular Shaman, including inactive ones.

The Book of Mysteries for a Shaman is just like the Book of Knowledge for the Hero. You can purchase it in the Item Store for Gold, in the Clan Store for Loyalty Points, and as part of Bank offers. The number of all the items you have is displayed in the My Items tab, Bonuses section

A Shaman who has reached the maximum level for the current stage stops receiving experience points, and applying the Book of Mysteries will not help in this case. This situation will continue until the Shaman proceeds to the next Initiation stage.

  • A Shaman's Power depletes when attacking Ghosts. The more dangerous the Ghost, the more power will be required to banish it. Read more about this in the Ghosts section.

The basic amount of power of a Shaman that has just been summoned is 1,000 units, and the maximum possible amount of power is 5,000,000 units.

Shaman's power restores automatically over time. You can increase the restoration speed by upgrading the Shaman's Skills, learning Knowledge in the Oracle, activating Town Skins, and placing your Town in the Valley of the Aesir. Remember that power is restored for the active Shaman only. Power for a Shaman is just like energy for the Hero.

To temporarily increase the power of an active Shaman, open the Shaman's information window in the Hall of Mysteries, hit the purple circle in the lower right part of the window, and apply the Shaman's Power items. The required number of items will be automatically used from the My Items tab.

You can purchase Shaman's Power in the Item Store for Gold or as part of Bank offers, as well as receive it as a reward for entering the game daily. The number of all the items you have is displayed in the My Items tab, Military section.

Items for Shamans cannot be applied from the Item Store or the My Items tab.

  • Shaman's Skills. Every Shaman has unique Skills. The value and number of bonuses depend on the Shaman's Initiation stage.

There are a total of nine Shamans and each one has a unique specialization.

  • Baggi the Big's bonuses are aimed at economic processes in the Town, including building and resource production.
  • Inga the Wise's bonuses reduce Knowledge learning cost and also increase warrior training speed and training limit.
  • Ulf the Brave's bonuses are customized for melee: increasing offense, defense, health, and reducing the training cost.
  • Wendla-of-Shadow's bonuses improve scout stats and reduce their training cost.
  • Einar the Free's bonuses increase siege troops' stats and reduce their creation cost.
  • Stieg the Sharp's bonuses enhance ranged troops and reduce their training cost.
  • Elsa the Nomad's bonuses are useful for cavalry: they increase offense, defense, health, and reduce the training cost.
  • Sibba the Bloody's bonuses improve killer stats and reduce their training cost.
  • Raine the Wanderer's bonuses reduce enemy warriors' stats and increase the number of your own warriors that can take part in an Onslaught.

It's important to remember that bonuses work only if the required Shaman is active. The values of bonuses increase together with the Shaman's level.

  • Shaman's equipment gives bonuses to important military and economic stats. You can craft equipment for Shamans in the Forge. Upgrade the building to increase the equipment crafting speed.

To craft a piece of Shaman's equipment, you will need Hero's equipment (standard/Invaders' equipment) or other Shamans' equipment. In the Forge, you can craft equipment of any level, but a Shaman won't be able to wear a piece of equipment that has a higher level than the Shaman. Like the Hero's equipment, Shamans' equipment is inlaid with gems and runes that are necessary for obtaining various bonuses.

Slots for Hero's equipment are available from the beginning of the game, but to unlock slots for any Shaman's equipment, you need to upgrade certain Skills of this Shaman first. There are a total of six equipment slots, and one — Helmets — is unlocked by default.

Slots for Shamans' equipment are unlocked in the following order: Helmets, Armor, Boots, Weapon, Amulets (2 slots). To view crafted items, you need to go to the Stock tab of the Forge, and then hit "Shamans' equipment".

Shamans' equipment is not tied to certain Shamans. Every Shaman who has the required level and appropriate Skill can wear any crafted equipment. Equipment that is currently worn by one Shaman cannot be worn by other Shamans. Please note: you can equip both active or inactive Shamans.

If you reset a Shaman's Skill points (and so reset the Skills required for unlocking equipment slots), the equipment that the Shaman is currently wearing will be relocated to the Stock tab of the Forge. Bonuses from this equipment will stop working, and slots will become unavailable.

To view the equipment that a specific Shaman is wearing, go to the Hall of Mysteries, select the Shamans tab, and hit that Shaman's icon. Use the Disguise boost to temporarily hide the equipment your Hero wears, information about your Shaman, and your summoned Aes from other Jarls.

Read more in the Equipment, Gems, and Runes sections.

  • Shaman's Skills give additional bonuses to a wide range of important parameters that directly affect the combat stats of your troops led by a Shaman and the economic stats of your Town. Read more in the Shaman's Skills subsection.

Every Shaman also has a unique name that cannot be changed.

In the Hero/Shaman tab of the Boosts window, you can activate boosts that temporarily upgrade some of your Shaman's stats.

If you activate the Shaman's Double boost, you will receive a copy of your Shaman that possesses the same stats, Skills, amount of power, and bonuses from equipment. You can read more about this in the Boosts section, specifically in the "Hero's Double and Shaman's Double" part of the "Hero and Shaman" subsection.

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