Shaman's Skills

Shaman's Skills give additional bonuses to a wide range of important parameters that directly affect the combat stats of your troops led by the Shaman and the economic stats of your Town.

Shaman's Skills that you have already mastered have a brightly colored icon, while Skills that have not yet been mastered are grayed out. Skills that are available to be upgraded are marked with a golden frame.

To upgrade the Shaman's Skills, you need Skill points. You can get them by increasing the Shaman's level. At level 60, the Shaman collects enough points to unlock all Skills. Upgrading the Shaman's Skills doesn't require resources or Gold and is performed instantly. The Skills icon displays a total counter that indicates the number of Skill points available for distribution.

The Skills in each category are set out in a specific sequence. To unlock some Skills, you need to first upgrade the previous Skills connected with it. If the requirements for upgrading a Skill are not met, then the required number of Skill points (the number is shown in red) will be displayed in the upgrade cost block.

Skill points earned by one Shaman cannot be used to improve Skills of another Shaman. Please note: the maximum level of a Shaman depends on the Initiation stage. This means that the number of Skills that a Shaman can upgrade is also restricted by the Initiation stage.

Every Shaman has their own Skills tree. Depending on your preferred play style, you can use various Shamans and upgrade the different Skills of these Shamans.

You can reset the Skill points of both active and inactive Shamans. To do so, you need to open the Shaman information window in the Hall of Mysteries, go to the Skills tab, hit the "Reset Skills" button, and apply Rebirth.

You can purchase the Rebirth item in the Item Store for Gold, in the Clan Store for Loyalty Points, or as part of Bank offers. It is applied only for Shamans who have at least one Skill point distributed. The number of all the items you have is displayed in the My Items tab, Bonuses section.

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