Special VIP status bonuses


If your VIP status is active, you can complete Premium Tasks. After your VIP status expires, all Premium Tasks disappear from the list, except those that are being completed at the moment or ones that you have already completed, but haven't claimed the reward for yet. Personal and Clan Tasks remain unchanged until the timer refreshes. Read more about this in the Tasks section.

Some levels of VIP status also allow additional Personal, Clan, and Premium Tasks.

Autocompletion of Tasks

At certain levels of VIP status, various ways of autocompleting Tasks are available to you. These bonuses save you time, allowing you to instantly complete Tasks and get rewards for doing so.

From VIP level 7, you will get the Personal Task Autocomplete bonus, from level 8 you will be able to autocomplete Clan Tasks, and Premium Tasks from level 13.

Autocompletion of all Tasks

The improved autocomplete bonus for all Personal Tasks is available from VIP level 17. Autocompletion of all Premium Tasks is added from level 25, and autocompletion of all Clan Tasks is added from level 28. With a single hit of the "Claim all" button, you receive rewards for completing all Tasks of the selected category.

Multiple refreshing and autocompletion of all Tasks

From VIP level 31, you can use several items at once to refresh Personal Tasks. From VIP level 32, this function is available for Premium Tasks, and for Clan Tasks from level 33. This allows you to refresh the list multiple times and instantly complete all the Tasks before the timer runs out. You can use up to 10,000 items at one time.

For example, let's say you have 83 Personal Task Refresher items. After you hit the "Apply" button, the list of Personal Tasks will be refreshed exactly 83 times, and you will receive a reward for all the completed Tasks.

Fusing gems and runes

From VIP level 17, you can instantly fuse gems of a certain class for free, and from level 18 you can fuse runes. When this bonus is active, a section with free fusing is displayed instead of the section with the "Fuse" and "Instantly" buttons.

Healing speed and Infirmaries' capacity

From level 41, the healing speed of tier VIII warriors is increased, and Infirmaries can hold more wounded warriors.

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