Gold is a special resource that allows you to instantly complete game processes: training and upgrading warriors, constructing buildings, learning Knowledge, crafting Hero's and Shamans' equipment, as well as enhancing Aesir. You can also use Gold to purchase various items and boosts that influence economic and military stats.

The amount of Gold you have in your possession is displayed in the upper right corner of the resource panel.

Unlike basic resources (Food, Lumber, Iron, Stone, and Silver), you cannot produce Gold in buildings, send it to your clanmates in convoys, or obtain it by attacking other Jarls' Towns.

You can purchase Gold in the Bank. There you can also find offers that are available for a limited time and allow you to buy Gold at a better price along with various items. Please note: you can get free Gold when purchasing some Bank offers.

Moreover, you can get Gold for:

  • Attacking and destroying Invaders, Uber Invaders, and Ghosts
  • Reaching a new Hero level
  • Passing checkpoints in Competitions and taking a top place in the rankings
  • Opening the Chest of Loki
  • Visiting the game regularly (reward for loyalty)
  • Winning contests held in the official communities
  • Synchronizing your account with your Facebook profile (for doing so, you receive Gold only once: if you sync your account with a Facebook profile that already has an account linked to it, you won't get the reward)

The Jarl who wins the Battle for the Throne Competition receives Gold and resources (Food, Lumber, Iron, Stone, and Silver), as well as other rewards.

You can yield Gold in special resource locations on the Global Map:

  • Gold Fields are locations that appear in a Kingdom from time to time. Higher-level Gold Fields hold more resources and yield it at a quicker rate.
  • Gold of the Gods are special locations that appear in a Kingdom as a reward for winning the Kingdoms Battle. They exist for 5 days or until the location runs out of resources. The yielding speed in these locations is 1 unit of Gold per minute, which is two times faster than in Gold Fields.

To yield 1 unit of Gold in the Gold Fields and Gold of the Gods locations, you need 1,000 units of capacity.

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